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    Viewing & Registration

    After your initial contact with our nursery either via telephone, website or in person, a member of the management team will advise you of a convenient time when you can come in to the nursery to view the nursery.

    Before coming into the nursery, it is advisable that you download and complete a copy of our REGISTRATION FORM and bring it along when you come in to look round and register your child. 

    On the day of appointment, you will be assigned a management team member (in most cases the person that spoke to you on your first contact). This is to nurture that initial connection and to put the name to a face.

    The assigned member will conduct you round the nursery and if you like what you see, which in 99.9% of cases is so, we then arrange for you to sign off your prefilled form, ask any questions that you may have and confirm the settling date of your child. If you require time to think on what you have seen, no problem. We will ring you a day or two after your visit to check on you.

    To register on the day you will need to bring along the two documents below:

    • Your child’s birth certificate
    • A proof of your address


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