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Security & Safety

Fool-proof child security & safety


The safety and security of your child is very important to us. We understand how difficult it is to leave your child who you so love in the care of someone else. That is why we ensure that your child is learning and developing in a safe and secure environment.

We are very particular about security measures in our nursery and you can be rest assured that your child will be safe with us.

Child safety and security are top priority

Freedom to learn and play with zero worries


All our play areas are enclosed with up to 2.0 m high security fencing. This ensures that uninvited guests are kept at bay and  your child prevented from wandering outside the boundaries of the premises whilst still enjoying the freedom to explore within the confines of the play area. The outdoor areas have soft fall zones to ensure soft landing for all the children in our nursery including your own.

Safety Cameras

We have CCTV cameras in most of the rooms and the playground to monitor the activities of the children. Management can keep an eye on what is going on in all the nursery rooms on CCTV cameras to ease your worries. No one but the staff and parents are allowed to enter the nursery. We have installed safety gates and window guards to make sure that your children are well protected. Only people who have been pre-approved by the parents with passwords can pick up the child from the nursery.

24 hour surveillance

for absolute peace

of mind

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