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    Dr. Sola Akinyemi

    Sola is a Director at Precious Kids Childcare Ltd, a company that is keen on helping parents and guardians lay a solid foundation for their children in their early years. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is responsible for setting strategy, company culture, building and leading the senior executive team and channelling the direction in which the company is headed. He is a counsellor, friendly, very patient, kind hearted, tolerance and enthusiastic.

    He is well known to all the children in the setting. He is regularly seen in the rooms checking the state of both children and staff.  He has the natural ability to identify a hungry child even when the child cannot express such. Those children that are their daddy’s pet settle down quickly with him around.

    Sola has been in the service of care for children along his wife for over seven years. He has been the Pastoral Oversight for Children Unit of his church with over 250 children within age 2-12. He has five children himself. In every aspect you can imagine he is always at the centre of activities with children and young people and as such have got used to them and their behaviour.

    When Sola was in his final year in secondary school he took part in a balloon debate involving a teacher, a doctor, an engineer and a business person. He spoke on behalf of teacher. Among other things, the teacher was singled out as a model, a builder of destiny, an agent of change and the solid rock upon which the other professions are built. He could see teaching as a noble job. That was the beginning of his love for teaching. Although he did not go to train as a teacher but he has got fourteen years of active teaching; two years in Secondary school and twelve years in Tertiary Institution.

    Sola has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology; a Master of Science in Entomology and a Master of Science in Environmental Resources. He has a PhD in Environmental Science.

    He has recently concluded a research which requires the use of laboratory elemental analysis. He employed ICP-OES preceded by microwave-assisted digestion. This was because of easiness of operation, detection limit, cost effectiveness, speed of analysis and number of samples.

    He has conducted research into the use of lake sediment records/soil sediment records as monitor of environmental change. All the laboratory analyses were conducted by him.

    He investigated human impacts on the environment and particularly the possibility of the presence of trace metal deposition through atmospheric pollution. He investigated the levels of lake sediment pollution through trace or heavy metal deposition.

    He have made a number of presentations on this research at International Science Conference and some of the findings have been published in Journals of Science literature review.

    He also studied IT and attended Demonstrator Training Practical Based Teaching at Salford University.

    Sola serves as a Pastor at Winners Chapel International Manchester, an arm of the Living Faith Church Worldwide under the spiritual leadership of his father Dr David Oyedepo.

    Sola is married and has five blessed children.