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    Food & Nutrition


    It’s a well-known fact that your child’s diet has a direct impact on their development. For this reason we prepare balanced and nutritional meals daily using as much fresh ingredients as possible. We add no salt to our meals and sugar is kept to a minimum. Any reasonable special dietary requirements are catered for.

    A fully cooked lunch is served at around 11:45 am and a light meal at 3:30 pm. A healthy mid-morning snack and drinks are given mid-morning and in the afternoon. Any reasonable special diet can be catered for.

    Take a look at our range of healthy meals. We have created a different ‘phenomenal’ menu over 3 weeks which has never been the same.

    We place great importance in eating in ‘family’ groupings, talking about our meal, and making it a relaxing and enjoyable time for everyone. Our nursery teams eat with the children where possible, and we aim to ensure your child enjoys a wide range of healthy meals.


    Menu Week 1






    A lunch box LUNCH

    Vegetable lasagne with garlic bread & salad 

     Mild chicken curry & rice with mini naan breads Shepherd’s pie with purple cabbage & gravy Tuna, onion & sweetcorn pasta in a homemade tomato sauce Homemade quiche of the day with beans & mashed potato
    dessertDESSERT  Fromage Frais  Fairy cakes Rice crispy cakes Jam roly poly & custard Strawberry cheesecake
    sandwich AFTERNOON TEA  Selection of Sandwiches Homemade soup of the day with bread  Spaghetti with toast Selection of sandwiches Vegetable Rissoto
    milk DRINKS  Milk or Water  Milk or Water Milk or Water Milk or Water Milk or Water