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Experience A Breath of Fresh Air at Precious Kids Nursery, Moston


Parents of children in our care will have noticed the colourful, brand new signage on the external walls of our setting. We have re-established our presence on the Moston /Kenyon lane to brighten the axis - bringing a fresh perspective to childcare in Moston, Harpurhey and Blackely areas.

But in a fast-paced technology driven world where Artificial Intelligence, is pretty much everything (or almost), your favourite Precious Kids Nursery building isn't the only asset enjoying a breath of fresh air. We are also happy to announce that we have created an all-new functional, interactive website!

If you head over there, you will find that a whole lot of stuff has changed. We have a short new video providing in-depth information about our nursery. The site graphics are more pleasing to the eye and endearing to the heart. Information has become more open and accessible. If you already have a child with us, you will be able to monitor their progress just by activating a button.

What if you are planning to look around our nursery for the first time? That is pretty easy too! You just need to log in your details into the 'Book a tour' form on the home page (or registration page if you prefer to have fun and adventure round the site). We will get in touch with you within 12 hours to arrange dates most suitable to you!

And if you have your mind made up and are ready to register your child right away? Why not! you can fill an electronic form on the website and send it right back as well at the lower part of Registration page.

So your child is choosy about food? No problem! Visit the Food and nutrition page to take a look at a wide variety of nutritious meals created by our highly dedicated Miss Catherine. We will like your feedback to know if you struggle to find any type of food category that is classified as healthy for the mental and physical growth of children.

Finally, going forward, we will constantly be making changes to improve our services in setting high standards to help our children's physical/mental development, as well as in adapting to changing legislative landscapes. Through it all, we promise to keep you up-to-date on happenings around the nursery on a regular basis. Therefore, kindly make sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates. Sign up to get our newsletters and be the first to know.

If you still have any query that appears unanswered by the website, please contact us at

In the meantime, Please enjoy the view!

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