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Registration, admission & settling in process

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Admission and settling process can be a very difficult one for most parents especially the mums who have developed a strong emotional attachment with the children. We have seen parents cry during settling and we understand that this is a very sensitive period for most. That is why we have designed a process that will make the transition a very smooth and stress free one for you.

We aim to help the best way we can to ease the process. It is important to state here that all children are individuals and unique. Whilst some children will adjust fairly quickly to the new environment and new routines, others will take longer to feel comfortable and secure.

Precious Kids Childcare Ltd takes steps to ensure that the transition into our nursery goes as smoothly as possible. We operate a settling-in policy to ensure your child becomes accustomed to his/her new environment, the staff especially their key person and the other children.

The settling-in session always takes place the days or week preceding the start date of the first day of childcare. We recommend that you arrange to be available for this period as it is very important event for you and your child.


Settling Process

Step 1 – Your child spends 1 hour with us with parent in attendance in the room throughout the hour.

Step 2 – Your child spends another hour with us whilst you wait at the reception. We may call you back in if the child is not settling way.

Step 3 – Your child spends 2 hours with us but parents are not required to be in attendance but you may again be called if child is not settling well.

Step 4 – Your child spends half a day with us and have lunch with friends.

Please note that the above is a guide and is not rigid as children reacts to new environment in different ways; it leaves room for flexibility.

There is no pressure to leave your child until you are ready to do so. Staff are happy to advise, help and reassure parents when settling in their child. A progress report of your child’s first day with accompanying picture will be available to you at first day pick up.


We always try our best to be honest regarding a child’s first day. If the child did not settle well, we will let you know and advise on how best to work together on it. We have children that just clicked and get on with it and some that struggled but with patience and love did settle. Parents will not be charged for the settling in sessions.

We are happy to receive you and your precious child!

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