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-Dr Sola Akinyemi's

I am Olusola, the Chief Executive Officer at Precious Kids Childcare Ltd. Having been in the service of care for children along with my wife for over nine years, I am responsible for setting strategy, company culture, building and leading the senior executive team and channeling the direction in which the company is headed.


I am friendly, very patient, kind-hearted, tolerant and enthusiastic about helping parents and guardians lay a solid foundation for their children in their early years. I am well known to all the children in the setting. I am fascinated by children's well-being and so often times I can be seen in the rooms checking the state of both children and staff.  I have a natural ability to calm children and help them settle down very quickly.


I have a Bachelor of Science in Zoology; a Master of Science in Entomology and a Master of Science in Environmental Resources. I also hold a PhD in Environmental Science from Salford University.

As an academic of Environmental Science, I have conducted several research studied into a variety of environmental issues. I have also made a number of presentations at International Science Conference and some of my findings have been published in Journals of Science literature review.

Additionally, I studied IT and attended Demonstrator Training Practical Based Teaching at Salford University. 

For 4 years. I was the dedicated Pastoral Oversight for Children Unit of Winners Chapel Manchester (a branch of Living Faith Church Worldwide), where I looked after over 250 children within age 2-12. Being constantly at the centre of activities with children and young people has been a wonderful experience as this helps me understand them and their behaviour, as a result, I am able to help resolve their issues very quickly.


I am married with five blessed children.

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