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Our Facility

Solidly built every inch to OFSTED standards for child safety, physical and mental development

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-Dr Sola Akinyemi


Fit for purpose

We present beautifully equipped rooms for children aged 0 month to 5 years. The rooms provide an optimum arena for care and education.

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Beautiful rooms for explorative play

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Group focused learning resources for individual growth

Freely learning along

Children are given the freedom to explore the nursery at their own pace. Group focused learning activities are planned on a daily basis. The Nursery make resources available to children at all times. This gives the children the freedom to revisit the resources and perfect individual skill.

Explore, discover and boost understanding

Expanding horizons

The Nursery has 8 individually decorated rooms set aside for the use of the children. Each of these resources loaded rooms allows the children to explore, discover, boost their interests, and expand their understanding and knowledge and generally sets the foundation for them to become more skilful.

On top of the progress of our after school children 

The Nursery has a dedicated room for after school club and separate IT rooms with 6 computers dedicated for after school club school home work. The children use the IT room under staff supervision and it is strictly for home work only.

Dedicated IT room for homework

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